Fledge is seeking impact investors who share our vision in helping foster businesses meeting the needs of large and growing number of conscious consumers, to help create and capitalize on the next decade’s success stories.

Yes, we believe in the double/triple/quadruple bottom lines, but rather than the top-down model of “business for good” or “solving problems via business” we see this vast opportunity from the bottom-up, as the standard capitalistic practice of finding and meeting unmet market needs.  In our case, those are the needs of the “conscious consumers”, who themselves seek out environmentally conscious, energy conscious, health conscious, ingredient conscious, community conscious, and sustainability conscious products and services.

There are too few organized resources to help entrepreneurs fill these unmet needs.  Fledge is here to help fill this gap, to provide the knowledge and network to companies off the ground.  We do this using a format proven highly successful in the “tech’ sector, i.e. a limited-time, cohort-centric, mentor-centric business accelerator.  This is the format used by Y Combinator, TechStars, and others to launch over 1,000 companies since 2005.

Fledge has adapted this format to fit the needs of the conscious entrepreneurs.  We market-tested this concept at the groundbreaking #SocEnt Weekend event, held in February 2012 and successfully launched this program in the Summer of 2012 with our initial seven “fledglings“.

If you can help Fledge as an investor, please contact us:

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