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Wanted: Impactful Entrepreneurs. Apply today! @FledgeLLC #fledge #socent #impact #startups #incubator

Dreaming of improving the world? For a profit? @FledgeLLC can help.! #fledge #socent #impact #startups #incubator

Applications open now for @FledgeLLC, the “conscious company” accelerator.! #fledge #socent #impact #incubator

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Wanted: Impactful Entrepreneurs

Do you have an impactful idea that you’d like to launch as a business? Or did you already launch, but are eager for some help to make it scale?  Fledge, the “conscious company” accelerator can help.  Sign today up for an intense, 10 weeks of guidance, advice, mentorship and more.

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Dreaming of improving the world?  Fledge helps turn dreams into reality!

Sign up today for Fledge, the “conscious company” accelerator.  Application are open for its next intense, 10-week session of entrepreneurial guidance, advice, mentorship and more.  Idea-stage and prototype-stage teams.  We pay you to attend!

If you have any questions about our program, check out the Application Overview, Program Overview and FAQ pages.

And to see the types of companies we’ve worked with to-date, check out the Fledglings and our Demo Day videos.

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