Demo Day

580x95 Demo Day6 (recorded)
Watch the latest fledglings tell their inspirational (TED-like) stories. An all-international group of entrepreneurs, visiting Seattle from: Argentina, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia; solving problems of: poverty, hunger, waste, and deforestation using for-profit capitalism.

Arqlite (white) Cold Hubs (smaller) GreenChar 320x240  Ensibuuko 320x240 SME Funds logo (medium) Zamgoat logo (200x)

580x95 Demo Day5

Deehubs 640x480 [billboard] Ecosawa 640x480 Evrnu 640x480 Seeder 640X480 Little Grey Farms 640x480 Obamastove 200x150 simpolfy_640x480_72dpi

580x95 Demo Day4

Activate 300x225 Broad Street Maps 300x225 Distributed Energy Management 640x480 EA Fruits Farm 300x225 Juabar 300x225 KARIBU 300x225

580x95 Demo Day3

Close-to-Home-300x225 HydroBee 300x225 Self Spark 300x225 Village Green 300x225

580x95 Demo Day2

300x225 AlchemList logoW Seatte Good Business Network Shift Labs300x225 Serve Smart 300x225 Snohomish Soap 300x225 Tansa Clean 300x225 UbrLocal

580x95 Demo Day1

300x225 BURN CSC_logo (200x200) HERE, Inc. 320x240 Personify 02. 300x225 TayaSola myTurn 300x225 Trash Backwards

Or the whole playlist of fledgling talks…

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