Demo Day

The first Fledge session from Barcelona, Catalonia.  Seven fledglings from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and India told their stories on-stage at the Grand Marina Hotel on December 14th.

Back in Lima, Peru, five Peruvian startups, and one each from: Nicaragua, Nigeria, Rwanda, and the United States: big open data analysis, delivery for small businesses, renewable energy, honey, livestock, mechanizing Africa agriculture with drones.

This is far more than a typical startup pitch event. It is an inspirational evening showcasing the stories of nine mission-driven for-profit companies, why they do what they do, and why their work is important to you, your family, and the world.

Back in Seattle, two American startups and four from Africa: putting an end to rust, making childcare affordable, turning waste oil into value, bringing toilets to people pooping in the streets, exporting produce from Africa to Europe, and a 21st Century media company telling these stories and more.

After five years and eight demo days, there are over eight hours of videos containing nearly 100 videos. To help you find the best of, we’ve compiled the Best of… playlist:


Fledge8 is the first session of Fledge in Lima, Peru (and the first of many upcoming sessions outside of Seattle).  Eight impactful LatAm startups based in Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico.  Sustainable fashion, sustainable agriculture, clean water, clean homes, and an amazing traditional spirit.  See how the best way to do good for Latin America is through business.

980x160 Demo Day7 online

Once again the fledglings take to the stage to (quickly) share their stories.  A fast-paced, TED-like set of inspirational stories, from seven impactful, global startups.  Recycling oil, crowdfunding for farmers, a breakthrough in green wallboard, plus chickens, fish, livestock, and green red bricks.  See how businesses can do good by doing business.

580x95 Demo Day6 (recorded)
Watch the 2015 fledglings tell their inspirational (TED-like) stories. An all-international group of entrepreneurs, visiting Seattle from: Argentina, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia; solving problems of: poverty, hunger, waste, and deforestation using for-profit capitalism.

Arqlite (white) Cold Hubs (smaller) GreenChar 320x240  Ensibuuko 320x240 SME Funds logo (medium) Zamgoat logo (200x)

580x95 Demo Day5

Deehubs 640x480 [billboard] Ecosawa 640x480 Evrnu 640x480 Seeder 640X480 Little Grey Farms 640x480 Obamastove 200x150 simpolfy_640x480_72dpi

580x95 Demo Day4

Activate 300x225 Broad Street Maps 300x225 Distributed Energy Management 640x480 EA Fruits Farm 300x225 Juabar 300x225 KARIBU 300x225

580x95 Demo Day3

Close-to-Home-300x225 HydroBee 300x225 Self Spark 300x225 Village Green 300x225

580x95 Demo Day2

300x225 AlchemList logoW Seatte Good Business Network Shift Labs300x225 Serve Smart 300x225 Snohomish Soap 300x225 Tansa Clean 300x225 UbrLocal

580x95 Demo Day1

300x225 BURN CSC_logo (200x200) HERE, Inc. 320x240 Personify 02. 300x225 TayaSola myTurn 300x225 Trash Backwards

Or the whole playlist of fledgling talks…

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