Fledge returned to Seattle April-June 2019.

  1. Agromyx (Ghana) tackles malnutrition and post-harvest losses by freeze-drying fruits and grains into instant foods and drink.
  2. Bieera Energy (Kenya) is literally electrifying rural Kenya with microhydro, spinning out an electric company from Kisii University
  3. Briotech (Seattle) produces a disinfectant that is not only not toxic to humans, it is a chemical the body uses as part of its immune system.
  4. Chicken Basket (Kenya) is a two-stop shop, distributing day-old chicks, feed, and medicines to smallholder farmers, then aggregating and selling live, butchered, and fried chicken in and around Kisumu, Kenya
  5. Fuchsia Shoes (Seattle) manufactures beautiful shoes by artisans in Pakistan, and sells these shoes though e-commerce in the United States
  6. Kalahari Honey (Botswana) helps create the people-wildlife divide functioning by creating living fences made of bees, while creating income for smallholder farmers through honey.
  7. Oreeggs (Uganda) is the largest wholesale suppliers of eggs, both for eating as as day-old chicks for farmers in Eastern Uganda.

We’re working on names, logos, descriptions, business plans, and story telling while the companies are in Seattle for two months.

If you can help any of these companies in any way, please contact us.

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