Dear Silicon Valley: America’s fallen out of love with you [Guest post]

My friend Ross Baird over at Village Capital posted a great bit of advice for the “tech” crowd in TechCrunch today: Dear Silicon Valley,  You used to be the envy of the world. Over the last decade I’ve seen countless cities try to become you, from the Silicon Savannah to the Silicon Bayou. At last year’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit on Stanford’s campus, hundreds of entrepreneurs...

Aceleramos’ start-ups que quieren cambiar al mundo Translation: The impetus for social enterprises in the region is reinforced by the arrival of American accelerator Fledge to Peru Marcela Saavedra P. Periodista @hamham26 Doing good doing business. That is the premise that led to the American entrepreneur Michael “Luni” Libes to found...

A short history of accelerators

From the mouth of one of the inventors of the modern accelerator, Brad Feld, how accelerators came to be and why they work. Given Fledge is based on the program and learnings of TechStars, this is highly relevant to our program too, despite Fledge being focused on impact vs. technology.

Thank you Fred Wilson for pointing out the video.

The Social Entrepreneur podcast

The Social Entrepreneur podcast is for aspiring and early-stage social entrepreneurs; and for those who want to make an impact on the world.  Stories about the grand challenges in the world and the solutions that they are creating. Why does Fledge exists???  Listen to the interview on Stitcher or Soundcloud or download it on iTunes. Links to the talks and companies mentioned in the interview: 1st...

The Social Innovation Benchmark 2015 Results

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, UBI Global is a thought leader in performance assessment of business incubators around the world where more than 400 business incubators and accelerators in over 70 countries participate. Through their international benchmark, UBI Global helps business incubators and accelerators become more efficient and competitive. For 2015, UBI benchmarked “Social...

The Law of Startups #11 — Fledge

 Joe Wallin and Michael Schneider, two inquisitive Seattle startup lawyers interview
Fledge founder and Managing Director Luni Libes on “The Law of Startups“.
What is Fledge?  What do the fledglings do?
How is Fledge different than the typical accelerators?

Listen here

GoGreen Seattle, Why Fledge?

Originally posted at GoGreen Seattle Our team met up with Michael “Luni” Libes for a one on one interview to find out more about the successful entrepreneur and the driving force behind Fledge. Read along to find out more about what inspires Luni to support young entrepreneurs and how the the “conscious company” accelerator is helping entrepreneurs who are bringing products and services to the...

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