“Conscious Consumers”

A large and growing number of consumers today are increasingly:environmentally conscious, energy conscious, health conscious, conscious of sustainability, of community, and even conscious of consumption itself.  Conscious of transportation, farmland, ingredients, and all things food-related.  Conscious of supply chains, fairness, and social justice.  Conscious that it takes an effort to build a...

A “Conscious” Ecosystem

Creating a thriving ecosystem of companies capable of tackling the “conscious consumer” market requires a few components, most of which exist today, plus a few which we can easily add: Education – multiple layers of meetups, certificates, and degrees to fill the gaps of knowledge Talent and Passion – people with the know-how and drive to create and operate companies...

Will Seattle Become the Capital of Social Entrepreneurship?

“I think there’s every reason to believe that Seattle will be the capital of social entrepreneurship in the next ten years,” says Brian Howe, an adjunct professor at Seattle School of Law and founder of Hub Seattle , which rents space to social entrepreneurs. sat down with Howe and Michael “Luni” Libes, a “serial entrepreneur” who has helped...

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