Welcome entrepreneurs!


We can’t wait to see what ideas you have for your “conscious” company.

If you can’t wait either, then click here, and start filling out the application.


How does the process work?:

  • First, you fill out an application, describing your idea, your team, and your availability
  • If we like what you submitted, we’ll interview you to learn more
  • We’ll then invite just 5-8 applicants into the program
  • Each team will receive $17,000 on Day 1
  • The teams will work together every weekday for 10 weeks at HUB Seattle
  • For those 10 weeks, you’ll receive education, advice, mentorship, and more
  • At the end, the participants will share their visions to a few hundred investors and supporters at our “Demo Day

In exchange for the cash and all the help, each company shares 6% of their equity, half (or more) of which they repurchase from future revenues.  A true win-win, where you receive a huge boost of assistance to get your company up and running, paying nothing until you succeed.


Still have Questions?

If you have questions, check out the Program Overview and the FAQ,
or click on Contact Us and ask us anything.


Thank you.


Some advice from the graduated fledglings…