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It takes a whole startup ecosystem to create successful companies, and that includes both entrepreneurs and the Angel investors to make those startups grow.

The Fledge Angel Accelerator provides not only the necessary knowledge on how to invest in startups, but more importantly, the hands-on-experience making investments.


The program begins with a weekly series of topics and discussions to learn a common language of early-stage investing.


As the participants learn how to invest, they use that knowledge to choose the incoming participants of the startup accelerator.


The investors then guide those startups through two months of intense business planning and due diligence, learning how to lead follow-on investments.

In short, the investors learn how to invest by being investors.  Learning within a cohort of other new investors.  Learning side-by-side with first-time entrepreneurs, who are eager for the guidance only investors can provide.  All facilitated by experts in entrepreneurship and investing.


Participants will learn a wide variety of topics related to investing, including:

  1. How startup investing works
  2. The role of Angels in startups
  3. How Angel Groups work in practice
  4. What entrepreneurs want from investors (beyond money)
  5. Deconstructing a startup investor pitch
  6. The whole due diligence checklist
  7. Yellow flags and red flags in due diligence
  8. Investment terms and preferences
  9. Debt, equity, and revenue-based structures
  10. Legalities and securities laws
  11. Portfolio and fund management
  12. International investing


The Fledge Angel Accelerator is open only to accredited investors.  Details on the start date, investment terms, and other details can be found on this password-protected page.


Workshop Slides

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What is Fledge? What is an Accelerator? What is the timeline for this training program?

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