Chickens can make you a lot of money

on January 29, 2018 | in Africa, Fledglings

Back in 2016, Bill Gates said that if he were a poor person living in a developing country, he’d grow chickens.  Chickens can feed your family and chickens can make you a lot of money.

Perhaps that hypothetical Poor Bill would figure out how to pay for the chicks, the feed, and the vaccines to grow those chickens.  Poor Bill might even be savvy enough to find a buyer for his first 500 chickens.  Then 1,000.  Then 10,000.  Etc.

Trouble for most farmers is that they can’t afford to feed 500 chicks, or 1,000 or 10,000, and even if they could, they don’t have a way to get those chickens to the city, to the companies that could buy 500 chickens at a time, or 1,000 or 10,000.

This is the premise behind Birdpreneur, a crowdpoultry company in Nigeria that solves both those issues: allowing middle class Nigerians to provide the poultry capital, providing that capital to smallholder poultry farmers who could grow those chickens, and provides access to buyers for the market-ready chickens.

As Michael said in Barcelona (watch the video), chickens can make you a lot of money.  How much money?  That we’re about to find out.

One pioneering American investor just wired $12,700 to Birdpreneur.  That is enough to raise 5,000 chickens.  We’ll update this post with pictures of the chicks when they arrive at the farm, and pictures of the chickens as they grow.  We’ll post the actual expenses as they accrue and the actual market prices when the chickens are sold.  The goal is to show quantitatively how much money can be earned growing chickens in Nigeria, inviting other investors to follow along.

And as chickens are eaten elsewhere, we’ll be doing this in other countries later in 2018, so that we can make “chicken to chicken” comparisons around the developing world.

Stay tuned for updated and ask your questions below.