Fledge11 in Barcelona

on March 28, 2017 | in Europe, Startup Ecoystem

Fledge is excited to announce its third city: Barcelona, Spain.

For 2017, Fledge9 is in Seattle April-June, Fledge10 back in Lima July-September, and Fledge11 in Barcelona September-November.

Applications for Fledge Peru are due April 15st and as soon as we’re done reviewing those, we’ll open application for Fledge Barcelona.

€15,000 per team, hundreds of mentors, and the same training from the previous Fledge programs.  Details at (detalles en) apply.fledge.co.

Fledge with a European flavor, in one of the exciting cities on the contient.  Applicants open to entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world, working on impactful startups in any sector.

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