Meet the Fledge8 Fledglings

on October 4, 2016 | in Fledglings, LatAm

Fledge8 begins October 10, 2016 in Lima, Peru.  The eight participants include:

AgroAudit – Streamline and automate agricultural decision making in real time through a mobile app or web app, increasing quality and production.  Ecuador

Agua Piedra Mezcal – Sold in hand made bottles, labeled with agave paper, fused with 80% clean energy, and made by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico from locally sourced agave.

Ayni Deisgn Lab – Knit clothing based on Peruvian alpaca & pima cotton, through sustainable and conscious Peruvian artisan work.  Fashion consultants for brands around the world seeking to tap into the Peru fashion industry. Peru.

HOUSEKIPP – Book your housekeeping in 1 minute, through an online platform that connects clients with professional house cleaners.  A win-win for busy middle-class Peruvians and the new Lima immigrants seeking a step up the economic ladder.

MiHuertoweb – A marketplace for buying vegetables directly from the field, cutting out the middlemen.  One step beyond a CSA, customers invest in local sustainable farmers and are repaid with fresh, healthy food for their family.

pieta-iiiii pieta
Project Pietà – A fashion label born and produced in Peruvian jails, and sold directly to the world off the web, earning a living for the inmates.

a-shirtX-Shirts – Creating the best t-shirts our members will ever wear… but more importantly to do it with passion, durability, and community.  We proved this out with the A-shirt in 2014, reaching 100 members in our first three days of business.

TO-BE-NAMED – Sustainable technical solution to supply water and sanitation to small Peruvian Amazonian native communities.  Peru.

We’ll be updating this page with better descriptions as we work with the teams, updating logos as needed, and perhaps a changing name or two.  These companies are at Fledge to polish up their business plans, their marketing, etc.