Fledgling needs… your help

on September 19, 2014 | in Asia, Europe, Fledglings

Fledge5 (the fifth session of Fledge, the conscious company accelerator) is nearing the end of its second week (of 10).  The Fledglings are settling in, iterating on their plans, and in need of some connections and advice, which we hope you can help with...
Loopool last week finished up their R&D, producing beautiful white fiber from what was a cotton T-shirt destined for the landfill.  They need expertise on scaling up industrial chemical processes.
Little Gray Farms is working through a new plan after customers conversations led to larger than expected demands.  They need a sales rep in Seattle with experience selling high-end products to high-end restaurants.

Obamastove has a new name, new logo, and as of this week, a viable plan to decrease costs by 10x while increasing sales by 5x.  They need a lawyer with experience with Ethiopian corporate law, import licenses, etc.

Seeder is validating a plan B, linking Seattle green building suppliers with Chinese green builders.  If you are or know of an American green building supplier, they want to help promote your products to their network of builders in China.

Simpolfy just about has their MVP ready to share and 16 days left on their Indiegogo campaign.  If you’d like to help simplify American politics, they could use your donation now and your time in their upcoming beta.

Deehubs noticed that billboards are quickly going digital, but are nearly always just a few static images played in a loop.  If you own or operate public, digital screens, Deehubs wants to talk to you about how engaging the social, digital generation.

Ecosawa intends to hoist Africa out of poverty, starting with Kenya.  They stole the show at this week’s African Union meeting.  If you’d like to be, and have the experience to be the Mohammad Yunis of Africa, they could use your help.


These are seven mission-driven, for-profit companies, aiming to prove it possible for companies to do good, while doing good business.  Any help you can provide with these asks, or with connections or advice is well appreciated.

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