Applications are due on SATURDAY, December 15th.

on October 25, 2012 | in conscious, fledglings

Welcome entrepreneurs!

What are we looking for?  We seek idea-stage teams and early-stage business that are out to meet the needs of the “conscious” consumers, i.e. the consumers who in their consumption are conscious of the environment and their health, of society and community, of sustainability, resources, systems, and even conscious of consumption itself.

A “Conscious Company”?

Our philosophy in choosing these “conscious companies” is that they can focus on their customers, and thus reach fiscal sustainability and profits far more quickly than if they try and deliver one product or service separate from delivering their chosen mission.  Plus by combining customers and mission, there is no worry about a change corporate philosophy or change in management coming along to change that mission.


Applications are due by December 15, but please don’t wait until the last minute. We will start reviewing your application when it arrives, and early applicants will be favored over last minute entries.


If you have questions, check out the Program Overview and the FAQ, or click on Contact Us above and ask us anything.  Otherwise, click below to apply via F6S.

Thank you.